2/6/10 – all sorts of good stuff

Joint mobility
16kg KB OA swing – 15R/15L
24kg KB OA swing – 10R/10L
16kg KB snatch – 5 x 10R/10L = 9:10
16kg KB OA jerk – 5 x 10R/10L = 11:28
Pull up ladders – 3 x 1,2,3
20kg/24kg farmers walk – 2 x 2mins, 1 min rest

The snatches felt much better this week, they were floating up for the first few sets. My left side lags behind the right though, I’m so bloody uncoordinated on that side! I’m still getting better on my left just much slower than the right. Practice, practice!

I haven’t done much upper body pulling in the last while so was in the mood for pull ups. Ladders are a great way to get a lot of reps done in not much time. I kept the rests quite short by counting to 10 x the number of pull ups I’d just done ie 1 rep count to ten, 2 reps count to 20 etc. This keeps you pretty fresh as just as the reps get hard you get your longest rest and then go back to 1 rep.

Farmers walks are another favourite. Here I set my timer for five rounds of one minute, carried for a minute then swapped which hand carried the heavier weight for the next minute. Just to spread the joy of carrying the heavier weight evenly.


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