More and more doesn’t mean better and better

I have a habit of getting over excited when deciding what exercises to do and try to include everything at once. My recent (and very short) run of met con circuit sessions are a prime example. The intention was good, to give some variety, but the result was that I ended up tired and grumpy for half the week – these sessions on top of two additional hard training days was more than my body can handle. I end up feeling more beat up than better.

I’m going to use that third training session to make myself more mobile and moving better – to try and correct the inevitable (and desired) damage done by lifting weights.

This isn’t a new idea, I’ve flat out stolen it from Scott Sonnon and CST am using Prasra Yoga which is part of the CST system. Rather than spending extended periods of time in each pose it focuses on moving between a series of yoga postures in a flow. This gives the usual benefits of the postures as well as increased body control and better movement.

I’ve picked up the Prasara Primer which has recently been released by Ryan Hurst, a CST guy based in Japan. It details five flows giving some nice progressions building up for easy to damn hard. I’ve been playing with it this week and it seems pretty groovy. I’ll update my thoughts/progress over the coming months.


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