28/4/10 – all good stuff

Joint mobility
16kg KB snatch – 2 x 6R/6L

Ring series – 1,1
Ring dip – 5,5, 10 sec support hold after last rep
OALCCJ – 16kg 10R/10L, 24kg 5R/5L,5R/5L,3R/3L
40kg KB front squat – 3,3
5kg plate curl – 15R/15L,10R/10L

This was all good, start to finish. To make the 24kg feel lighter I need to lift it, and heavier stuff, a lot. Next time I’ll cut out the 16kg set of long cycle jerks and get straight to the good stuff. Front squats are new to me, I figure some extra strength can only help me drive out of the first dip.


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