24/4/10 – more met con and timing workouts

I planned to rest this weekend ahead of starting my new plan next week. The wife went out this evening and left me alone with my bells and clubs – what was I supposed to do?

16kg snatch/16kg OAJ/6kg mill – 10,9,8,7,6,5 R/L

Completed in – 18:53

I moved straight from right to left and exercise to exercise.

I’ve started recording the time of my more random workouts. I’m not chasing the clock though a la Crossfit and only check the time at the end of the session. It’s just so I can measure progress when I repeat workouts. I want all of my reps to be quality reps and think if you focus too much on the clock it is easy to start cheating and cutting corners to get a better time.


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