23/4/10 – holidays, met con & revised goals

Although our original holiday plans were scuppered by volcanic ash we did still get away for a few days. Today I hit a cheeky met con circuit to welcome myself home.

Five rounds of:
Snatch turkish get up* – 3
Rings: 360 pull – 3
Spinning tripod – 5/5
Frog planche – 10 sec
24kg KB hand 2 hand swing – 10

Completed in 23:10

*this is a snatch followed by a TGU (getting down first), I then dropped the bell to the rack, then to a hang before snatching again)

Recently I have been trying to be consistent in my training but keep getting distracted by new things. To get around this I’m going to start doing randomised met con circuits on Mondays after practising my gymnastic static holds. This should satisfy my desire for variety (while working towards my gymnastic goals) and free up my other sessions to focus on specific things.

For the next few months I will focus on building up to snatching my 24kg kettlebell for reps. I can already swing it to head height in one hand so could probably snatch it now but I want to work on another few things first so I can do it safely. The plan is to do lots of swings both heavier than my goal snatch weight (to build power) and one handed at the goal weight (to increase grip endurance). I’ll complement this by adding in TGUs and jerks so I spend more time with the 24kg overhead. As well as lots of practice snatching the 16kg.

I see all this as the building blocks for snatching a kettlebell: well practiced technique, enough power to move the bell quickly overhead, the strength to secure it overhead safely and enough grip strength to hang to the thing.

The added bonus is that although the snatch is the aim, all of the exercises building to it are excellent in their own right. There will be loads of additional benefits along the way.

The goals are:

5 sec front lever
5 sec back lever
30 sec l-sit
10 sec freestanding handstand
16kg KB snatch – 200 in 10 mins
24kg KB swing – 300 in 15 mins
24kg KB OA swing – 5 x 20L/20R
28kg KB swing – 200 in 10 mins


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