Going vivo barefoot

I’ve been searching for some barefoot shoes for some time. The more I’ve read and thought about how feet should work naturally and the effects of modern built up shoes the more stifling those shoes seem.

Over-protective footwear will dull the many nerve endings in your feet, reducing the amount of information about your surroundings they pass up to your brain. A built up, springy heel also promotes heel striking when running vastly increasing the amount of impact on the knees and other joints, while reducing the involvement of the foot muscles. Neither of these sound like good things.

To wear footwear that protects your feet from potential damage (ie broken glass) makes perfect sense, to protect them from feeling the surface you are walking/running along doesn’t. Especially if you are weakening the muscles of the foot at the same time. Why actively prevent your body from functioning in the way it is meant to?

So less is more when it comes to shoes. I had been looking for some barefoot shoes that weren’t too wacky looking (sorry vibrams) and this week found something that fit the bill perfectly – vivo barefoot. I’ve noticed a difference already, i can feel that all of the muscles in my feet have been working harder than they are used to, especially in the arches. It’s good though, my feet feel generally more ‘alive’ and I can’t see me going back to my old shoes anytime soon.

I just need someone to bring out some barefoot shoes that go with a suit so I can be sorted while I’m at work!

Mike T Nelson’s last post was about the evils of modern shoes. Lot’s of interesting science stuff in there.


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