16/4/10 – damn the volcanos, bring on the gymnastics

A large cloud of volcanic ash has grounded all planes out of England scuppering the Davis family’s planned holiday abroad. The small plus side is I had some spare time for an excellent gymnastic practice with a slice of deadlift.

Joint mobility
16kg KB halo – 10R/10L
16kg KB goblet squat – 10
KB round body pass – 16kg 20R/20L, 24kg 10R/10L

L-sit – 3 x 12 sec
8 mins handstand practice
Adv front lever – 6 x 10 sec
Ring dip – 5,5,5
Pull up – 5,5,5

40kg deadlift – 8,8,8
5kg plate curl – 3 x 12R/12L

Handstand practice involved wall, HeSPU and a 3 sec freestanding off the wall.

I’m starting to push the front levers further by extending my legs out slightly. I’ll stick at that level until I can do 3 x 20 sec and then move up again.


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