10/4/10 – running in nature’s playground

The sun was shining over my part of the world today so I put on my running shoes and headed out. I added in loads of Movnat/Methode Naturale inspired movements along the way – great fun.

I plan my gym workouts around training to move better and this run was an excellent test of it all in a non-gym environment. It can be easy to measure progress in the gym by weight, reps etc but I think being unable to apply your training outside of the gym makes it mean a bit less.

Anyhoo, the fun stuff was:

Lots of tree climbing
Tree pull ups
Jumps (out of trees & up onto logs/benches)
Log deadlift
Fallen tree carry (it was a small tree!)
Small log clean to shoulder & throw
Moving on all fours
Forward rolls (while running & not losing speed)

Breaking the run up like this meant I was able to go a lot further than I could have just running, it also adds on many strength and agility elements. I wasn’t being too concerned with constantly running so slowed to a walk at points, unsurprisingly it was shortly after some sprinting.

I can’t recommend exercising like this highly enough, you do need the right environment though. I am fortunate to have a large common close to my house which serves as an excellent natural playground.


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