Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 5,5
16kg KB halo – 5,5
16kg KB snatch – 5R/5L

HeSPU – 2,2,1,1
24kg KB row – 4R/4L,4R/4L,4R/4L
5kg plate curl – 10R/10L,10R/10L,10R/10L
8kg reverse curl – 5R/5L,8R/8L,8R/8L

16kg/24kg sprawl/clean combo – 8,8,8,8

I didn’t have a set plan last night but just went with flow. It turned out with the rows and grip work I ended up with a bicep-fest, most unlike me.

The last exercise was a wrestling sprawl with hands on the 16kg & 24kg kettlebells, jump back up and then clean both bells. I switched which hand had which bell each set. It’s a great explosive strength builder, really focusing on all of the posteriour chain.


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