19/3/10 – met con circuit

I felt the need to get a sweat going tonight, a metabolic conditioning circuit was in order. First a warm up:

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 3,4,1
6kg club shield cast – 10R/10L
16kg KB TGU – 1R/1L
24kg KB OA swing – 8R/8L,8R/8L

I then hit four rounds of this circuit. Rest was minimal, just enough to catch my breath or pick up a different toy.

Swinging plank – 5R/5L
Spinning tripod – 5R/5L
6kg club swipe – 10R/10L
24kg KB OAJ – 3R/3L
16kg KB high pull – 10R/10L
6kg club hammer swing 10R/10L
6kg club mill 10R/10L

Total time was 24:49


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