7/3/10 – sprints

I always mean to go for runs but rarely get round to it, I am a bit of a fair weather runner so have been wimping out over winter. The sun was shining today though and it felt like a fine day to get outside and run fast. I jogged to the park and then did:

10sec sprint/50sec rest x 8

The long rests meant I was fairly fresh for every sprint. There was little or no drop off in the distance I covered in 10 seconds, if anything it went up slightly. Shorter rest periods would have led to an increase in metabolic conditioning but a reduction in speed/ distance as the sets went on. Today was just about speed so that wasn’t my aim butI will focus on met con in some future sprint sessions. I’ll also play with sprinting set distances and varying those distances, there’s a trail path near home that’s roughly 400m long so I’ll hit a few reps of that at some point.


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