5/3/10 – warm ups, flow & practice

I normally don’t list my warm ups when posting my workouts but last night the warm up flowed into the main workout so nicely it was hard to know where the warm up stopped and the real work started. It’s a good way to do it (perhaps the ideal way to do it) but not always possible. Kettlebells lend themselves to it very well though – one movement flowing into the next with a gradual increase in intensity.

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 3,3
16kg KB one leg deadlift – 3R/3L,3R/3L
16kg KB Turkish get up – 1R/1L,1R/1L
16kg KB high pull/snatch – 5R/5L
16kg KB OALCCJ – 5R/5L,8R/8L,8R/8L
24kg KB OALCCJ – 3R/3L
6kg power club circuit – rock it, side pendulum, torch press/shoulder cast/iron cross, swipe – 1min each side per exercise, no rest = 10mins

The squats, deadlifts and TGUs were done as a mini circuit, they are pretty much an extension of the joint mobility. My warm ups are always joint mobility followed by some combination of goblet squats, one leg DLs, TGUs and windmills.

I’ve been practicing snatches most days by doing five reps each arm, with a high pull before each rep. The high pull really helps get a feel for the snatch technique. My left hand really lags behind so it sometimes takes a couple before it feels right on that side. It’s catching up though.

The snatches flowed into the long cycle, which is also a technique practice but the higher reps made it feel like more work.

The clubs to finish killed my grip and shoulders, the techniques are all such great movements. I managed to drop it on my foot though which fucking hurt. Apart from that it was a great way to end my work week. It just felt ‘right’ the whole way through.


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