1/3/10 – rings & swings

5mins handstand practice

Ring series* – 1,1,1

Ring dip – 8,8,8
Horizontal rope climb – 4,4,4

24kg swing – 7mins, 20 TOM = 140

*L-hang, pull to inverted hang, lower to BL, lower to german hang, pull back to FL, lower to L-hang. All holds for 5sec.

This was good stuff. The first two front levers were with one leg partially extended, it made it so much more challenging. Back levers are still tucked.

The rope climbs were good fun. I strapped an old martial arts belt to my pull up bar, laid on the floor and then pulled myself up to standing. I don’t have room for a climbing rope so, as always, had to improvise – working these things out is half the fun.

I wasn’t feeling the love for the swings tonight. Something wasn’t firing right so I cut them short. They still beat me senseless though!


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