Massive headstand push up day

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 3,3
16kg KB halo – 3,3
16kg KB high pull/snatch – 5R/5L
Ring series – 1,1,1
Partial HeSPU – 5, increase ROM, 3
Full HeSPU – 1,1,1
24kg KB swing – 10mins, 20 TOM = 200

The first five partial headstand push ups felt easy today so I increased the range of motion. I still felt strong so went for a couple of full reps and popped out a few singles – awesome!


28/3/10 – statics & mobility

The Davis family was hit with a nasty stomach bug this week so exercise has been off the menu. I let myself back in gently tonight concentrating on some gymnastic statics and some mobility exercises.

Joint mobility
CST four corner drill – 3 each side
Wall handstand – 4 x 60sec
Adv tuck front lever – 3 x 20sec
KB one leg deadlift 16kg 1 x 8, 24kg 2 x 5
6kg club shield cast – 3 x 1minR/1minL 1min rest between rounds

19/3/10 – met con circuit

I felt the need to get a sweat going tonight, a metabolic conditioning circuit was in order. First a warm up:

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 3,4,1
6kg club shield cast – 10R/10L
16kg KB TGU – 1R/1L
24kg KB OA swing – 8R/8L,8R/8L

I then hit four rounds of this circuit. Rest was minimal, just enough to catch my breath or pick up a different toy.

Swinging plank – 5R/5L
Spinning tripod – 5R/5L
6kg club swipe – 10R/10L
24kg KB OAJ – 3R/3L
16kg KB high pull – 10R/10L
6kg club hammer swing 10R/10L
6kg club mill 10R/10L

Total time was 24:49

14/3/10 – kettlebell complex

I hit something short and sweet tonight. First up was a decent warm up:

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 3,3
16kg KB halo – 3R/3L,3R/3L
16kg KB H2H swing – 30

And then the real work:

16kg KB complex – dead snatch, press, push press, jerk – 20 rounds R/L = 18.32

I did one rep of each exercise on the right and then repeated on the left for twenty rounds resting every five. The 16kg got pretty heavy towards the end, the first five went by in less than four minutes but the last five was closer to six.

12/3/10 – bells & clubs

It was good to get back at it last night after a brief break. Nothing too hectic, just lots of fun with my kettlebells and clubs.

Joint mobility
16kg KB goblet squat – 5
6kg club shield cast – 10R/10L
16kg KB high pull/snatch – 5R/5L
24kg KB OA swing – 3 x 8L/8R
16kg KB OALCCJ – 3 x 5R/5L
24kg KB OALCCJ – 2 x 3R/3L
6kg club swipe – 30R/30L
6kg club hammer swing – 30R/30L
6kg club mill – 30R/30L

8/3/10 – essentials

I’ve got a run of early mornings and late nights at work this week so won’t get anymore training in. It’ll give me a bit of a natural rest from it. I rarely take planned breaks from training, life just tends to make it happen from time to time.

As a result a had slight change from my usual workout and focussed on the essentials. Really the essentials should include swings but my legs were killing me after yesterday’s sprints.

Warm up
16kg KB high pull/snatch – 5/5
KB deadlift – 24kg – 5, 44kg – 5,5
Ring series – 1,1,1,1
Partial HeSPU – 5, increase ROM – 2,3,3,2