27/2/10 – Kettlebells & clubs

16kg KB OALCCJ – 5R/5L, 8R/8L, 10R/10L
24kg KB OALCCJ – 3R/3L

6kg power club circuit – swing, shield cast, side to side swing, shoulder cast, swipe – 1minR/1minL each exercise = 12min

Today I thought I’d practice some of what I was preaching in my last post. It was definitely a good move. Being able to take my time with the long cycle and concentrate made a big difference. I was able to relax a lot more during the first dip and leg drive and the KB was floating up nicely. Previously I had been tensing up as the set went on and naturally trying to press the bell up instead of only tensing to catch the kettlebell overhead. A few reps with a heavier bell was another way to check everything was all good. Still nowhere near perfect but moving in the right direction.

The club circuit caned my grip, my shoulders feel great though.


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