26/2/10 – good practice/bad practice

16kg KB OAJ – 5mins, 10 RPM = 50
24kg KB OA swing – 6L/6R/6L/6R/6L/6R = 36
6kg club shield cast – 1minR/1minL
6kg club swipe – 1minR/1minL

Today marks the end of another six week cycle so I’ll look to change things up a bit next week. The changes to the rings & swings and strength workouts will be variations on the current themes, nothing will change drastically.

Tonight’s workout made me realise I need to change the way I’m approaching jerks and long cycle. I’ve been saying that my technique is getting better, which it is, but more so at the start of a long set. About halfway through my technique gets pretty shoddy. I’m trying to learn and practice a technique, but for half the time I’m practicing it poorly so (from a practice point of view) half of the time is wasted and counter productive. I think the solution is to ditch the long sets in favour of a few sets of 5-10 reps, always staying fresh, always focusing on the best technique I am capable of.

A bit of the best practice I can do has got to be better than a lot of bad practice.


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