Homeopathy – it’s just silly. Officially

Although most of my posts are fitness related I do have other interests. I have an intense dislike of nonsense peddlers so it was with great delight I read this Guardian article on the way home from work this evening.

It is refreshing to see homeopathy officially recognised for what it is – not a proper medical cure. Hats off to the Science and Technology Committee.

I'm sure people do see improvements from using homeopathic remedies. However, it is likely they would also benefit from any placebo providing they were assured it would have a genuine effect. If a homeopath passionately believes in the remedies I understand how they could be convincing and increase the chance of the placebo working. So does homeopathy have merit as a placebo? Not really, the effectiveness of a placebo is highly reliant on the recipient believing it works, if homeopathic remedies are discredited and that belief is gone you are just left with a pill that's bad for your teeth.


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