The exercises I do

A friend suggested I put up a list of all the exercises that I use to make up my routines. I’m sure I’ve probably missed some off but will come back and add anything else in at later date. Each workout will include an upper body pushing exercise, an upper body pulling exercise and a compound leg movement.

I’ve included a brief description of each movement. The descriptions are not intended to be instructions on how to perform the exercise. Where I thought some extra explanation was needed I’ve added a link to someone far more qualified than me to give training advice.

For any exercise the prefix OA means one armed. TOM means reps are done at the top of every minute.

For stands freestanding means away from wall, otherwise they are wall assisted.

Bodyweight (statics)

  • Handstand (HS) –balance upside down on hands.
  • Headstand (HeS) –balance upside down on head with hands as support.
  • L-sit – balance on hands in seated position with legs straight out in front.
  • Planche – similar to holding a pres up position but with feet off of the floor.
  • Front lever (FL) – hang from bar/rings holding body parallel with the floor, facing ceiling.
  • Back lever (BL) – hang from bar/rings holding body parallel with the floor, facing floor.

Bodyweight (lifts)

  • Headstand push up (HeSPU)* – kick into handstand and perform press up.
  • Handstand push up (HSPU)* – same as HeSPU but with hands on raised platform. The aim is to get hands to shoulders at the bottom of the press.
  • Push up – support on floor hands & feet facing ground. Lower so chest touches floor, keeping body straight, push back up.
  • Pull up – hang below bar/rings, palms facing away, pull body up so chest touches bar.
  • Ring row – hang below low rings with body parallel to floor, pull up to rings.
  • Dip – support upright on bar/rings, lower body (arm pits to hands) then push back up.
  • Muscle up (MU) – combination of pull and dip.
  • Horizontal muscle up – scaled down version of MU.
  • Front lever row – from top of pull up lift body to front lever and back.
  • 360 pull – hang below rings, rotate 360 degrees backwards, pull back the other way.
  • Squ
    at – squat down, bum low as you can.
  • Pistol – squat on one leg with non working leg straight out in front.
  • Burpee – full squat, kick legs back, push up (chest to floor), bring legs back to squat, jump as high as you can.
  • Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge – tactical pop up, spinal rock drop, spinning tripod, swinging plank. YouTube vid of John Sifferman running through the sequence.

 *HeSPU/HSPU differentiation taken from The name is different in the tutorial shown.


  • Swing – swing KB between legs & up to chest height. Power comes from hamstrings & glutes.
  • Snatch – swing KB between legs & up to overhead lock out.
  • Clean – swing KB between legs & into rack position.
  • Jerk (J) – from rack, dip into quarter squat, drive with legs, dip again & catch KB in overhead lock out.
  • Long cycle clean & jerk (LCCJ) – clean followed by jerk.
  • Push press – from rack, dip into quarter squat, drive with legs and press bell to overhead lock out.
  • Goblet squat – squat holding KB in front of chest.
  • Front squat – squat with KB in rack position.
  • Turkish get up – lay on floor with KB held locked out above chest. Stand up keeping KB overhead. Get back down again.
  • Press – press KB to overhead lock out from rack position.
  • Floor press – lay on floor & press KB to lock out above chest.


These are quite tough to describe. Most of the exercises I do are covered in this video and this one.

Grip stuff

  • Grippers
  • Leverage curls – wrist/bicep curl within unevenly weighted bar
  • Pinch lifts – lifting weight by pinching between thumb & fingers
  • Farmers walk – walking with heavy weight in both hands
  • Suitcase carry – walking with heavy weight in one hand
  • Finger extensions – extend fingers against resistance (elastic bands/own hand)

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