9/2/10 – bodyweight & bells

Head stand – 3 x 30sec

Adv tuck front lever – 60sec (20,20,20)

Wall walk – 3,2,2,2
Partial HeSPU – 2,1,5,6

OALCCJ – 6mins, 8RPM (hand switch @ 3mins) = 48

Really enjoyable session tonight, it felt more like a practice than a balls to the wall workout. I still got some good work done though. After a disappointing start my headstand push ups felt great tonight. All it took was a slight change in hand position to go from a painfull single to pushing out 5/6 reps. I alternated those sets with wall walks which was a great way of loosening up the shoulders after the pressing.

The increase of pace for the long cycle was definitely called for, it made it more of a challenge. I’ll gradually push the set length up to 10mins before dropping back down and going to 10RPM.


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