Israeli special forces TACFIT challenge (really?)

I had a go at the latest offering from Scott Sonnon last night. If you look beyond all the faux military marketing chitter chatter it is actually a very solid routine.

I really like Sonnon’s stuff, it always involves interesting and innovative movements. This is no different and consists of a circuit of four bodyweight exercises performed for a number of repetitions at the start of every minute for 20 minutes. The beginner level is two reps of each exercise, intermediate is four and advanced is six. You rest for whatever remains of the minute after you finish the circuit, this is similar to how I do my kettlebell swings and is a great way to structure a workout.

I had a stab at the beginner level and got through the 20 minutes in reasonable shape. I was averaging around 30 sec each round so would need to move faster before moving up a level. At that pace intermediate would mean no rest and I’d have to bend time to do the advanced one.

The marketing patter is a little hard to swallow but the exercises are excellent. I like the way Sonnon uses non-linear motions (ie not just a straight press) and hits muscles from different angles.

I finished off with 4kg club swipes – 3 x 10R/10L

I’ve got too many other things I’m focussing at the moment to do this very often but will pick it up occasionally if I’m short of time. It’s also a handy test of overall fitness progress.

More info and exercise descriptions can be found at:


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