30/1/10 – strength

Headstand – 2 x 30 sec
Frog planche – 60 sec (20,20,20)
Adv tuck front lever – 60 sec (20,20,20)
Partial HeSPU – 3,3,3,3
24kg KB plank row – 3 x 5L/5R
24kg KB one leg deadlift – 3 x 5L/5R
24kg/20kg farmers walk – 4 x 1 min

I had a pure strength session yesterday, all static holds and compound lifts. I upped the length of the holds on both statics to 20 seconds. The advanced tuck front lever was hard but I think I could go for longer on the planche. I’ll stick with 20 seconds though as I don’t want to fatigue my shoulders too much early on and impact on my headstand press up. The headstand press up is coming along ok, I can only press for part of the motion so kick up into a handstand with a pillow and a book between my hands, lower until my head touches the book and press back up. I’m going follow a standard 5×5 routine with but instead of putting more weight on a bar when I can do 5 sets of 5 reps, I’ll increase the range of motion.

Most of the pure pulling exercises I do are variations on the pull up so I’ve started doing rows to work a different range of motion, they have a great core element too. The deadlifts are to build some pure posterior chain strength to aid me in my quest for higher swing numbers, I do them on one leg to get more put my limited selection of weights.

The farmers walks are a great finisher, I made a 20 kg weight by strapping 4kgs of ankle weights to my 16kg kettlebell them did one minute carries around the living room swapping which hand held which weight after each one.

All in all it was a good session, this will become a Saturday staple for a while.


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