23/1/10 – a mixed bag

Head stand – 2 x 30sec

Partial HeSPU – 3,3,3,3

16kg OALCCJ – 8mins, 6RPM (switch hands @ 4mins) = 48

24kg OA swing – 10L/10R, 10L/10R, 10L/10R

Finisher (for time) – 10 burpees, 20m farmers walk (20kg/24kg) = 5:22

A real mixed bag yesterday. I took a few days off during the week as I didn't have the energy to make a workout worthwhile but then went ahead and over did it a bit in my first workout after the break – something I always do.

My first go at headstand press ups were good, I was able to press through a larger range of motion than I was expecting. The set of long cycle jerks was my longest ever and felt good. The slow pace suits me right now and gives me a chance to focus on technique. It felt like my leg drive is getting better, I had barely any fatigue in my shoulders which surprised me considered I had just finished four sets of HeSPU. The swings were probably unnecessary but I add them automatically, my technique was shite towards the end though. The finisher was evil but excellent, I want to start doing some met con like this semi-regularly – my conditioning is usually done at more of a steady pace, it felt good to do something that was a bit more hell for leather and intense, I'd push the farmers walks up to 30m next time though.

More intense than 24kg swings? I wonder if I'm a bit weird.


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