9/1/10 – kettlebells & clubs

Fun session today. I did a few timed sets to start before giving my new club(ish) a go and then finished with some carries. A fine way to spend a snowy afternoon. Upping the pace on the snatched actually made them less tiring as it reduced the amount of time resting in the lock out. Overall my kettlebell techniques still need a load of work though; my arms are doing too much of the work on my snatches and I'm not happy with my second dip on the jerks.

16kg OA swing – 20L/20R

16kg OAJ – 4 mins, 10RPM (switch @ 2 mins) = 40
2 mins rest

16kg Snatch – 4 mins, 15RPM (switch @ 2 mins) = 60
2 mins rest
16kg OALCCJ – 6 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 3 mins) = 36

4kg club circuit (two rounds)
Sheild cast – 10R/10L, 10R/10L
Swipe – 10R/10L, 10R/10L
Barbarian squat – 10, 10

Finisher – 24kg suicase carry – 1 minR/1 minL


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