Shoes = bad. In this weather though?

I thoroughly enjoy spending time barefoot, it just feels good. I very rarely wear hard soled shoes around the house and kicked by shoes off every time I went to the park this summer.

There's quite a lot of chitter chatter around the web about the evils of shoes and more specifically highly engineered running shoes. A couple of blogs I read regularly have featured a recent study that seems to suggest running in engineered shoes vastly increases the amount of torque on the knee – not good, especially for someone who has knee issues (i.e. me).

Chris over at conditiong research does a much better job than I could of summarising the study. MC's follow up article is well worth a read as well, she take the analysis onto another level linking into the way we as a society look at problems in general.

I like the idea of going barefoot (or at least minimal footwear) but with snow on the ground you've got to be frickin kidding me!


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