4/1/10 – rings, swings & goals for 2010

I ended up eating really late on Monday so adapted this workout to be shorter, but in no way sweeter. Less time, higher intensity.

5 mins handstand practice

Circuit (three rounds)
Rings – 360 pulls – 3,3,3
Rings – dips (10 sec support after last rep) – 5,5,5

24kg swings – 5 mins, 20 TOM = 100

It’s resolution time of year so I’ve been thinking about fitness goals for 2010. I have a very bad habit of trying to everything at once so have resisted my natural urges and tried to keep it simple. If I complete them early I can always set some more whereas if I set to many I’m likely to fail at most of them. So here we go:

Freestanding handstand
Head stand push ups for reps
Full front lever for 5 sec
300 24kg swings in 15 mins

The handstand will just take practice, some days it feels good, others not so much. I’ll just keep practicing them often. For the HeSPU I’ll start working partials and build the range of motion over time, that and lots and handstands should make it very achievable, it’ll just take time and patience.

The front lever is cool and I want to do one. I practice them on the bar pretty often and will start to add them into my sessions on the rings. I think it’s very doable.

The swings will be tough. In Monday’s session I did 100 in 5 mins so would need to keep that pace up for another 10 mins – not easy. The plan here is to progressively add to the reps done at the top of each minute until I’m at 200 in 10 mins then to add in some double swings (40kg) to boost strength before adding more time.

They are all achievable with hard progressive work accept the handstand which needs more skill for that I’m going to have to battle with my own fairly rubbish natural levels of coordination and athleticism. It’ll come though.


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