21/12/09 – kettlebells

16kg OA swing/snatch/windmill (R/L) – 20,1,3R/20,1,3L

16kg OALCCJ – 6 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 90 sec) =18R/18L

16kg OALCCJ – 4 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 2 mins) =12R/12L

24kg OAJ?? – 5R/5L

24kg clean – 4 mins, 8RPM (switch on min) = 16R/16L

Nice little complex to warm up yesterday: 20 one arm swings, then a snatch to get it up top followed by three windmills. It got the blood flowing nicely.

The 24kg jerk really taught me a lesson about technique. I'm ok on the right side but try and muscle the bell up on the left. That works with the 16kg but I can't get away with it with the 24kg. I need to work on getting a better transfer of power from the first dip into sending the kettlebell up.


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