16/12/09 – gymnastic statics, bodyweight & kettlebells – what more could you want?

5 mins handstand practice
Frog planche – 60 sec (18,10,16,16)
Adv tuck front lever (12,12,12,12,12)

Circuit (four rounds)
Pike push up – 5,5,5,5
Pull up – 5,4,4,4
16kg KB hack squat – 5,5,5,4
16kg KB figure 8 to hold – 20,20,20,20

I love my workout these days, I really look forward to them and enjoy every (painful) minute. My static holds are feeling much more solid. I feel way more comfortable upside down and am holding a freestanding handstand for a few seconds wuite regularly, the safety of the wall is still close at hand though! Planche and front lever are also coming on nicely, it’ll still be a long while until I can hold the full versions but I’m in no hurry and am making progress in every workout.

I struggle with my flexibility in certain areas so my form isn’t great doing front or goblet squats (I think that was the catalyst for my knee issues a while back) so hack squats are back in as I feel much more comfortable doing those. I’m going to start doing Pavel’s Relax Into Stretch to work on the flexibility and then add more variety to my squats.


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