Last night was my first session since rearranging the way I do my workouts. They don’t actually look much different but instead of thinking of the as static or dynamic workouts I’m mixing everything together – that was pretty much what I had ended up doing anyway. I’ll start each session with 5 minutes handstand work (both wall handstands and practicing freestanding) and my planche & front lever progressions (adv tuck is much harder!). I’ll then do a circuit of an upper body push, upper body pull and a leg exercise. I’ll add other things from time to time but that will be the template.

5 mins handstand work
Frog planche – 60 sec work (8,10,8,15,10,12)
Adv tuck lever – 60 sec work (12,12,12,12,12)

Circuit (three rounds)
Pseudo planche push up (PPP) – 5,5,5
Pull up – 4,5,4
Assisted pistol (r,l) – 5,5,5

Finisher – 24kg swings – 5mins, 15 TOM = 75


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