29/12/09 – kettlebells

Nice kettlebell session today hitting all three competition lifts – I’ll use a similar format to this in future but just vary the lengths/pace of each set.

OA swing – 20L/20R

OALCCJ – 6 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 3 mins) = 36
2 mins rest
OAJ – 4 mins, 10RPM (switch @ 2 mins) = 40
2 mins rest
Snatch – 4 mins, 12RPM (switch @ 2 mins) = 48


27/12/09 – RINGS!

Santa was very good to me this year and left a set of gymnastic rings under the tree. I had a go on them this afternoon – they are are hard work but great fun with it. The extra work required to keep stable when doing the dips really took me surprise, it took me a couple of goes just to hold myself stable.

5 mins HS practice

360 pull (tucked) – 2 x 2
Back lever – 2 x 10 sec

Dips – 3,3,3
Bodyweight row – 5,5,5,5

21/12/09 – kettlebells

16kg OA swing/snatch/windmill (R/L) – 20,1,3R/20,1,3L

16kg OALCCJ – 6 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 90 sec) =18R/18L

16kg OALCCJ – 4 mins, 6RPM (switch @ 2 mins) =12R/12L

24kg OAJ?? – 5R/5L

24kg clean – 4 mins, 8RPM (switch on min) = 16R/16L

Nice little complex to warm up yesterday: 20 one arm swings, then a snatch to get it up top followed by three windmills. It got the blood flowing nicely.

The 24kg jerk really taught me a lesson about technique. I'm ok on the right side but try and muscle the bell up on the left. That works with the 16kg but I can't get away with it with the 24kg. I need to work on getting a better transfer of power from the first dip into sending the kettlebell up.

19/12/09 – statics and kettlebells

5 mins handstand practice
Frog planche – 60 sec (12,16,16,16)
Adv tuck front lever – 60 sec (12,12,12,12,12)

Circuit (five rounds)
Psuedo planche push up – 5,5,5,5,5
KB renegade row – 5L(24)/5R(16), 5R(24)/5L(16),5L(24)/5R(16), 5R(24)/5L(16),5R(16)/5L(16)
24kg KB dead clean (R/L) – 5/5,5/5,5/5,5/5,5/5

I wanted to add some rowing motions into my workouts so did some renegade rows last night. I've only got a 16kg and a 24kg kettlebell so I alternated which side was pulling each bell, for the fifth round I did 5 reps on each side with the 16kg.

16/12/09 – gymnastic statics, bodyweight & kettlebells – what more could you want?

5 mins handstand practice
Frog planche – 60 sec (18,10,16,16)
Adv tuck front lever (12,12,12,12,12)

Circuit (four rounds)
Pike push up – 5,5,5,5
Pull up – 5,4,4,4
16kg KB hack squat – 5,5,5,4
16kg KB figure 8 to hold – 20,20,20,20

I love my workout these days, I really look forward to them and enjoy every (painful) minute. My static holds are feeling much more solid. I feel way more comfortable upside down and am holding a freestanding handstand for a few seconds wuite regularly, the safety of the wall is still close at hand though! Planche and front lever are also coming on nicely, it’ll still be a long while until I can hold the full versions but I’m in no hurry and am making progress in every workout.

I struggle with my flexibility in certain areas so my form isn’t great doing front or goblet squats (I think that was the catalyst for my knee issues a while back) so hack squats are back in as I feel much more comfortable doing those. I’m going to start doing Pavel’s Relax Into Stretch to work on the flexibility and then add more variety to my squats.


I had a great session on Friday night. Wife went out for her first 'night out with the girls' since the little one was born. It was great for her and meant I was able to really focus on what I was doing. I even managed to hold a freestanding handstand for a couple of seconds, I think it was more luck than judgement but it still felt pretty epic. My frog planches were a lot more consistent as well. It had felt like ages since I properly did some swings so it was good to get those in, they really are a wonderful (if painful) thing.

5 mins HS practice
Frog planche – 60 sec (16,16,11,16)
Adv tuck front lever – 60 sec (12,12,12,12,12)

Circuit (four rounds)
PPP – 5,5,5,5
Chin up – 5,5,4,4

24kg swings – 8 mins, 15 TOM = 120