Pull ups and your mind

Earlier today I did a max pull up test and managed 10 which is 3 up on my last effort. I'm pretty pleased as I haven't been training pull ups that much since I stopped doing the ETK ladders. I was worried my numbers wouldn't have been better but I think the weighted pull ups I've been doing had an effect. I've only been doing them for a short while but the very act of using a heavier weight makes the original seem lighter. Exactly the same thing happened when I bought the 24kg kettlebell, after using it for one day I hadn't really got any stronger but the 16kg felt much lighter. So much is just in your mind.

I also really tried to visualise getting into double figures before starting my pull up test and it worked, I even think I could have got a few more but stopped at the number I had in my mind. Next time I may try doing one heavy weighted pull up first and imagine myself doing 15 to see what happens.


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