Dynamic session

I did another dynamic session on Sunday. I want to make a couple of changes to the circuit but it’s getting there. Next time I’ll take out the first single rep ladder of pull ups as it felt like a lot of faff putting on my weight pack for not that much benefit. Other than that it’s all good, everything felt strong.

Frog planche – 60 sec work (6-16 sec sections)

Tuck front lever – 60 sec work (28,16,16 sec)


Wall assisted HeSPU negatives – 3,3,3

Weighted pull up + 6.5kg* – 1,1,1

Push up (hands in planche position) – 5,5,5

Weighted pull up + 6.5kg* – 2,2,2

Assisted pistol (r,l) – 4,3,4

Weighted pull up + 6.5kg* – 3,3,3

* equivalent to 10% of bodyweight


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