28/11/09 – kettlebells

Great kettbell session yesterday. I read this article during the week the different way of holding the bell completely changed my training. My jerks felt much more explosive with all the power coming from my legs, I think I'd been pressing them out a bit previously. Previously my grip had been the limiting fatcor when doing snatches but that changed as well. Everything felt much more comfortable, still hard obviously, but much better.

16 kg OAJ – 4 x 3 mins, 10 RPM (hand switch @ 90 sec) = 120

16 kg snatch – 2 x 4 mins, 12 RPM (hand switch @ 60 sec) = 96

Finisher – 5kg barbarian squat – 5 min, 10 TOM = 50


25/11/09 – dynamics

Good workout last night, everything felt strong. Managed a 60 sec hold on the tuck front lever. I’m looking forward to switching things up a bit next week, I think the advanced tuck will be a completely different animal.

Frog planche – 60 sec (14,14,15,17)
Tuck fron lever – 60 sec (60)

Circuit (four rounds)
Wall assisted HePU negatives – 3,3,3,4
Pull ups – 6,5,6,5
Wall walks – 3,3,3,3

24kg Kettlebell swings – 8 mins, 15 TOM = 120

23/11/09 – statics

Just a quick statics workout last night.

Circuit 1 (three rounds)

Frog planch – 23(11/12)/26(11/15)/23 sec

Tuck front lever – 30/30/30 sec

Circuit 2 (two rounds)

Wall assisted HS – 60/60 sec

L-sit – 20/20 sec

Kettlebell deadlift, 16+24 – 10, 10 (switched hands each set)

This is week six of my new exercise focus. I’ll change things up abit next week and start doing a more advanced version of the tuck front lever.

Kettlebell Sunday

I’ve been a bit slack on the fitness this week, life (or work to be more specific) has been getting in the way a bit. I did go to BJJ for the fist time in ages on Saturday though which was great, it felt good to get back on the mats.

I felt pretty beat up yesterday though so just did a speedy snatch workout. I need to work on my form, I didn’t get very tired but forearm was getting pretty bashed up. It’ll come though, I don’t really practise them that often.

16kg snatch

2 X 4 mins, 10 TOM (switch hands each min)

2 mins, 10 TOM (switch hands each min)

= 100 reps

Pull ups and your mind

Earlier today I did a max pull up test and managed 10 which is 3 up on my last effort. I'm pretty pleased as I haven't been training pull ups that much since I stopped doing the ETK ladders. I was worried my numbers wouldn't have been better but I think the weighted pull ups I've been doing had an effect. I've only been doing them for a short while but the very act of using a heavier weight makes the original seem lighter. Exactly the same thing happened when I bought the 24kg kettlebell, after using it for one day I hadn't really got any stronger but the 16kg felt much lighter. So much is just in your mind.

I also really tried to visualise getting into double figures before starting my pull up test and it worked, I even think I could have got a few more but stopped at the number I had in my mind. Next time I may try doing one heavy weighted pull up first and imagine myself doing 15 to see what happens.

Kettlebell Sunday

Good session with the kettlebells today. I need to work on my jerk and snatch technique though, I'm using my arms too much. I was originally planning to build volume on both these lifts but I think I'll stick with what I'm doing at the moment for a while until I'm happier with my technique. To add more now would just increase fatigue and make it harder to sort the technique.

16kg OAJ – 4 x 3 mins, 10 RPM (switch at 90 sec) = 120

16kg snatch – 2 x 4 mins, 10 RPM (switch on the minute) = 80

Circuit (three rounds)

24kg goblet squat x 5

24kg swing x 15

Dynamic session (11/11/09)

I've been a bit behind logging my workouts this week. I did this dynamic session on Wednesday evening.

Frog planche – 60 sec work (6-16 sec sections)

Tuck front lever – 60 sec work (28,16,16 sec)

Circuit (three rounds)

Wall assisted HeSPU negatives – 3,3,3
Assisted pistol (r,l) – 4,4,4
Weighted pull up + 6.5kg* – 3,3,3
Weighted pull up + 6.5kg* – 2,2,3
Wall walk – 3,3,3

* equivalent to 10% of bodyweight

I finished off with some swings – 24kg, 6 mins, 18 TOM = 108