The week so far – statics and ketlebells

I kicked off this week with another static workout. I’ve adjusted the way I’m holding my frog planch so it’s tougher, my numbers have gone down a bit but it should have better carry over to more advanced versions.

27/10/09 – statics

Circuit 1 (three rounds)

Frog planche – 17/13/14 sec
Tuck front lever – 22/15/25 sec

Circuit 2 (three rounds)

Wall assisted handstand 40/40/40 sec
L-seat – 15/15/20 sec
Wrestlers bridge – 40/40/40 sec

Kettlebells to finish

16kg snatch – 6 mins 10 @ TOM = 60

I also did some kettlebells yesterday, I’ve switched from the long cycle to jerk as I want to get comfortable with my jerk technique first.

28/10/09 – kettlebells

16kg OAJ – 4 x 3 mins, 10 RPM (switch on the minute) = 120

16kg snatch – 2 mins right, 2 mins left, 10 RPM = 40

Circuit (three rounds)

Pull up x 5

24kg goblet squat x 5

24kg swing x 15


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