A weekend with kettlebells

I had another go at my kettlebell circuit on Saturday but added in high pulls at the end. I went through the whole thing without putting the bell down.

16kg – RH swing x 10, LH swing x 10, RH snatch x 10, LH snatch x 10, RH clean x 10, RH jerk x 10, LH clean x 10, LH jerk x 10, RH high pull x 10, LH high pull x 10 = 100 reps

It took 4:47, next time I'll try and do all the right hand reps in one go and swap hands once.

On Sunday I had a longer kettlebell session:

24kg TGU + floor press 1,1,1 (r,l)

16kg OALCCJ 5 x 2 mins, 10 rpm (switch hands each minute) = 100 reps

16kg clean x 10 (r,l)

24kg OAJ 2 x 5 (r,l)

24kg swing, 5 mins 16 TOM = 80

I'll change a few things about this but generally I've been happy with each of my sessions this week. Using body weight for strength & fun skills and kettlbells more for strength endurance makes sense to me.


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