Master Leao Teixeira Seminar

Work has been pretty crazy this week so I've barely looked at a kettlebell let alone picked one up. I've had a play with the 24kg but nothing that could really be considered a work out.

My main thing this week has been going to a BJJ seminar by Master Leao Teixeira. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, he is a 6 degree black belt and has been training BJJ for longer than I've been alive – the amount of knowledge he has is pretty awe inspiring.

We spent the entire session focusing on various submissions from side control. It was great to get into so much detail on one thing, especially since it's one of my (many) weak points. Everything he taught was in a flow, every submission lead on to another. If they escaped one, there was someting else you could do. It really made me think about the idea of constantly trying to submit your opponent and not trying force the submission you want, instead let them have some space and grab something when they move.

It makes the principles behind techniques more important than the techniques themselves. The mechanics of an armbar or choke are the same no matter what angle you apply it from, if you understand the principles then you don't have to have been taught a submission specifically from the position you find yourself in but can still use it.

It's definitely given me some food for thought and will help me get more from the reletively small time I spend training.


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