Big day with the bells

Today has third hard day on the press ladders and my first attempt at five ladders of five. It was good, my presses felt strong but I only managed five rungs of pull ups on the first two ladders. Ladders are a marvellous thing, my previous best had been 5×5 on both presses and pull ups. I did three times that today.

16kg Military press & pull up ladders 1,2,3,4,5 x 5 = 75/75/60

24kg swings 6 mins, 15 @ top of the minute = 90

My left hand was still a bit trashed from Tuesday's snatch workout so I substituted military presses for cleans & presses again. It's a bit frustrating and all down to my snatch technique. I've decided to adapt the programme from Enter The Kettlebell so I practice snatches more often. This would get me burned as a heretic over at Dragon Door but who cares. On the easy day I'll do 16kg one armed swings instead of snatches and will do five snatches per arm as a warm up before every workout which will mean I practice them four times a week instead of one. Hopefully I'll get some good results.


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