The week so far – statics and ketlebells

I kicked off this week with another static workout. I’ve adjusted the way I’m holding my frog planch so it’s tougher, my numbers have gone down a bit but it should have better carry over to more advanced versions.

27/10/09 – statics

Circuit 1 (three rounds)

Frog planche – 17/13/14 sec
Tuck front lever – 22/15/25 sec

Circuit 2 (three rounds)

Wall assisted handstand 40/40/40 sec
L-seat – 15/15/20 sec
Wrestlers bridge – 40/40/40 sec

Kettlebells to finish

16kg snatch – 6 mins 10 @ TOM = 60

I also did some kettlebells yesterday, I’ve switched from the long cycle to jerk as I want to get comfortable with my jerk technique first.

28/10/09 – kettlebells

16kg OAJ – 4 x 3 mins, 10 RPM (switch on the minute) = 120

16kg snatch – 2 mins right, 2 mins left, 10 RPM = 40

Circuit (three rounds)

Pull up x 5

24kg goblet squat x 5

24kg swing x 15


A weekend with kettlebells

I had another go at my kettlebell circuit on Saturday but added in high pulls at the end. I went through the whole thing without putting the bell down.

16kg – RH swing x 10, LH swing x 10, RH snatch x 10, LH snatch x 10, RH clean x 10, RH jerk x 10, LH clean x 10, LH jerk x 10, RH high pull x 10, LH high pull x 10 = 100 reps

It took 4:47, next time I'll try and do all the right hand reps in one go and swap hands once.

On Sunday I had a longer kettlebell session:

24kg TGU + floor press 1,1,1 (r,l)

16kg OALCCJ 5 x 2 mins, 10 rpm (switch hands each minute) = 100 reps

16kg clean x 10 (r,l)

24kg OAJ 2 x 5 (r,l)

24kg swing, 5 mins 16 TOM = 80

I'll change a few things about this but generally I've been happy with each of my sessions this week. Using body weight for strength & fun skills and kettlbells more for strength endurance makes sense to me.

First dynamic session

I did my first dynamic session last night, it's designed to compliment the static holds I did on Tuesday. It was hard work but felt good. I did it as a circuit and tried to keep the rests to the minimum, I got round the following three times.

Wall assisted HeSPU negatives x 3
Pull up x 2
Planche push up (feet on chair) x 5
Pull up x 3
Assisted pistols (r,l) x 3
Pull up x 5
Kneel back – 40 sec

I finished off with 24kg kettlebell swings, 8 mins of 14 TOM = 112

A change in direction

I’ve been following Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell for the past three months and have seen good results with it but I keep getting distracted by the idea of certain gymnastic moves. Watching the gymnstics world championship this weekend made me think about what I do for exercise. In short, do I care about pressing a ridiculously heavy kettlebell over my head? It would be impressive but no, not really. Do I care about being able to do a handstand, a planche of a handstand push up? Yes, definitely. With that in mind I started to think about changing what I do so I am more focussed on those things.

I’ll have three workouts per week. One focussing on gymnasic static holds, one on dynamic movements to supplement the statics and one full kettlebell session (focussing on long cycle clean & jerk (LCCJ) to start) plus a few odd bits added in here and there. I’ll be following some progressions from Gymnastic Bodies and have taken some ideas from Natural Messiah regarding workout formulation.

I did my first static workout last night and it looked this:

Circuit 1 (three rounds)

Frog planche – 28/20/22 sec

Tuck front lever – 15/24/20 sec

Circuit 2 (three rounds)

Wall assisted handstand 30/30/40 sec

L-seat – 10/15/15 sec

Wrestlers bridge – 30/40/40 sec

Kettlebells to finish

24kg – clean x 5 + front squat x 1 (r,l) @ TOM for 6 mins

16kg – Hand 2 hand swing x 50

It felt good and was great fun. Will it make me elite at anything? Probably not, but that’s not my intention. I enjoyed it far more than the endless pressing (I had started to avoid those workouts) and will therefore carry on doing it.


I did a little extra something just before lunch today, this was all with a 16kg kettlebell.

RH swing x 10, LH swing x 10, RH snatch x 10, LH snatch x 10, RH clean x 10, RH jerk x 10, LH clean x 10, LH jerk x 10, Pushups x 10, RH row x 5, LH row x 5

100 reps in total, only putting the bell down for the pushups. It got my heart rate going and was taxing but not too hard. I’ll carry on doing things like this on off days I think but I’ll substitute high pulls for the pushups and rows, I’ll start timing it as well.

Back to kettlebell ladders

I’ve had to take a bit of a break from being strict with the clean and press ladders. I really want to press that 24kg bell though so I got back into it last night. I’ve been reading up a bit on squat technique and thought I’d give goblet squats another go now my knee is back on form. They felt really good, I was able to keep myself upright when squating for the first time – all from tensing my stomach in a slightly different way.

16kg clean & press and pull up ladders 1,2,3 x 5 = 30/30/30

16kg Goblet squat 3 after each ladder – 3 x 5 = 15

16kg swings 5 mins, one handed switching every 20 reps – 20/20/20/20/20/20 = 120