More kettlebells and some statics

I want to put more stuff up here than simply a list of all my workouts. I’ve been jotting some notes down about why I train and what my overall goals are. It basically revolves around simple exercises and natural movement, I’m still ironing out a few details but hope to put it up in the next couple of days. For now though it’s more of the same – this is what I’ve been up to fitness-wise for the last couple of days.

I kicked off week two of my clean & press ladders yesterday – all of the following is with a 16kg kettlebell

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2 = 15/15/15

My knee is feeling loads better so I did 2 hack squats with the 16kg after each ladder – I can’t recommend these things enough for strengthening the knees, I’ll be making them a part of my exercise for a long while.

I followed this up with 9 mins snatch practice.

Tonight I’m taking it easy. I’ll practice some gymnastic static holds later, I really want to get a planche and a front lever. I’m working through the progressions from gymnastics bodies, it’s early days but I’ll get there. I’ve got to work late tomorrow night so will have to miss the KBs. The plus side is now my knee is better I’ll be going to BJJ on Thursday – ace!


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