Week three of cleans & presses

This is week three of my clean & press ladders, I did the easy day last night – all of the following is with a 16kg kettlebell

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2,3 = 30/30/3

I did 3 hack squats with the 16kg after each ladder and then 10 mins snatch practice. I really need to practice my snatch technique, my hands were pretty smashed up when I finished.

I'll practice my planche a bit tonight but won't do anything too serious – I feel knackered


More bells

I managed to squeeze a couple of kettlebell sessions in this weekend which I wasn't expecting to as we were away at a wedding. All with a 16kg.

25/9/09 – medium day

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2,3 = 30/30/30

Swings – 5 mins, 20 top of minute = 100

27/9/09 – hard day

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2,3,4 = 50/50/50

Swings – 5 mins, 60/60 = 120

Philosophy on fitness – what it’s all about

I mentioned that I wanted to write something explaining my philosophy on fitness, what my goals are and why I use certain tools.


My main aim is for great general fitness. That may sound a little dull and uninspiring but it isn’t, I simply mean general rather than specialist. I aim to be stronger, faster and more agile but I don’t want one any more than the others and certainly don’t want one attribute at the expense of another.


Essentially I want to move better within my physical environment. The types of movements I focus on are running, jumping, climbing, lifting, walking, moving on all fours and fighting. I’ve drawn huge inspiration from Méthode Naturelle.


Erwan Le Corre demonstrates the ideal with MovNat. Over the summer I had a couple of great runs round the common after finding his site that included sprints, jogs, walks and moving on all fours. I jumped, climbed trees, lifted logs and threw rocks. It was great fun and really brought it all together. Unfortunately work and winter can get in the way of doing this all the time so I have to find another way. Kettlebells, bodyweight exercise, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the occasional run enable me to train the component parts and help get me where I want to go.



Kettlebells are so versatile and take up little room, they can be the basis of a great home gym and cover off my lifting and throwing (I count the snatch as a throw where you don’t let go), they are also great for sustained lifting over an extended period of time – you get a lot in one tool.


Making your body feel light is the essence of great movement so bodyweight exercise is essential. Pull ups are a must and I’ve recently been toying with some gymnastic static holds – those guys truly are the masters of their own bodyweight.


Fighting as play is a natural outlet for animals and I would recommend that everyone include a martial art in their fitness. BJJ is a fantastic skill to learn. It is such a deep, technical fighting art with a huge mental aspect. It’s also great to exercise in a group from time to time.


Last but certainly not least – running. This is a fundamental movement that everyone should do and if you mix up the distance, speed and terrain it can be great fun.


I associated goals with each of the tools I use but always try to keep a sense of play. I work hard and sweat to meet these goals but, like in life, don’t take it all too seriously. I hope a sense of fun and play in exercise will keep me young and moving well for years to come so I will be able to keep up with The Little One for as long as she needs me. That’s what it’s all about really – happiness & longevity.

Back to the mats

It felt good to get back to BJJ last night. I really felt that I haven’t been going regularly though. Consistency really is the key, once a week is usually enough for me but I’ve not even made that recently. I’m finding I have to think more before going for submissions and escapes rather than just reacting. It comes back pretty quick though, after a couple of rounds of sparring I was right back on it.

More kettlebells and some statics

I want to put more stuff up here than simply a list of all my workouts. I’ve been jotting some notes down about why I train and what my overall goals are. It basically revolves around simple exercises and natural movement, I’m still ironing out a few details but hope to put it up in the next couple of days. For now though it’s more of the same – this is what I’ve been up to fitness-wise for the last couple of days.

I kicked off week two of my clean & press ladders yesterday – all of the following is with a 16kg kettlebell

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2 = 15/15/15

My knee is feeling loads better so I did 2 hack squats with the 16kg after each ladder – I can’t recommend these things enough for strengthening the knees, I’ll be making them a part of my exercise for a long while.

I followed this up with 9 mins snatch practice.

Tonight I’m taking it easy. I’ll practice some gymnastic static holds later, I really want to get a planche and a front lever. I’m working through the progressions from gymnastics bodies, it’s early days but I’ll get there. I’ve got to work late tomorrow night so will have to miss the KBs. The plus side is now my knee is better I’ll be going to BJJ on Thursday – ace!

ETK hard day

End of my first week working my way through the clean & press ladders from Enter The Kettlebell. All of this is with a 16kg kettlebell.

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2,3 = 30/30/30

Swings – 6 mins, reps at the top of each minute 25, 25, 20, 20, 20, 20 = 130

In other news – The Little One is 10 weeks old today – well done to her!

Back to the bells

My knee felt strong today. It's still a bit off so I gave BJJ a miss but got the kettlebell out for a play, I'm picking up the clean & press ladders from Pavel's Enter The Kettlebell from where I left off.

All this is with a 16kg bell.

Medium day

Clean & Press (r,l) ladders with pull ups 5 x 1,2 = 15/15/15

Swings – 7 mins, 15 at the top of each minute = 105

I did a couple of bodyweight hack squats after each ladder which have been making my knee feel much better. All in all it felt good.